In a fiercely competitive Indian gaming market, acquiring high-quality players for a Rummy app is a challenging task. Our client, a leading Rummy app provider, aimed to not only increase app installations but also ensure that these installations translated into engaged and revenue-generating players. They approached us with the challenge of creating a tailored and strategic app installation campaign with the objective of acquiring players at an effective cost of Rs 9 per install. This case study delves into how we met and exceeded these goals through a data-driven and strategic approach.

Client Background

Our client, a prominent player in the Indian gaming industry, had a well-established Rummy app. However, they recognized the need for a more systematic and effective approach to player acquisition. Their primary challenges included:

  • Increasing App Installations: While they had a steady user base, they wanted to significantly increase the number of app installations.
  • Acquiring Quality Players: Mere app installations were not enough. They needed quality players who would actively engage with the app and potentially make in-app purchases.
  • Cost Efficiency: The client had a specific target of achieving app installations at a cost of Rs 9 per install to ensure a favorable return on investment (ROI).

Our Approach

To address these challenges, we devised a tailored and strategic app installation campaign with a data-driven approach at its core.

Phase 1: Data Analysis and Audience Segmentation

  • In-Depth Data Analysis: We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s existing user data to identify characteristics of high-value players. This data-driven approach allowed us to create detailed user personas.
  • Audience Segmentation: Based on the user personas, we segmented potential players into distinct categories, allowing us to tailor our messaging and targeting strategies.

Phase 2: Creative Content Development

  • Creative Content Strategy: We created engaging ad creatives that highlighted the key features and benefits of the Rummy app. These included video ads showcasing gameplay, app tutorials, and promotional offers.
  • Ad Copywriting: Our copywriting team crafted compelling ad copy in multiple languages, ensuring that the messaging resonated with diverse target audiences.

Phase 3: Strategic Ad Campaigns

  • Precise Targeting: Leveraging the audience segmentation, we employed precise targeting parameters, including demographics, interests, and geographic location.
  • A/B Testing: To refine our approach, we conducted extensive A/B testing of ad creatives and copy to identify the most effective combinations.
  • Budget Allocation: We allocated the budget strategically, focusing more resources on ad sets that demonstrated higher conversion rates.

Phase 4: Continuous Optimization

  • Real-Time Monitoring: We monitored the campaign’s performance in real time, making data-driven adjustments as needed.
  • Bid Optimization: We fine-tuned bidding strategies to ensure that the cost per install remained within the desired Rs 9 target.
  • Ad Scheduling: We adjusted the ad schedule to ensure that ads were displayed during peak user engagement hours.

Results and Achievements

The strategic and data-driven approach implemented by our team yielded remarkable results:

  • Cost-Efficient Installs: We successfully achieved app installations at an average cost of Rs 9 per install, meeting the client’s target and ensuring a favorable ROI.
  • Increased Installations: The number of app installations saw a significant upswing, surpassing the client’s expectations.
  • High-Quality Players: Through precise targeting and messaging, the installations resulted in an influx of quality players who actively engaged with the app, leading to a rise in in-app purchases.
  • Improved Click-Through Rates (CTR): Our A/B testing and creative optimization strategies led to higher CTRs, indicating that our ad creatives were resonating with the target audience.
  • Sustained Growth: The strategic approach and continuous optimization led to sustained growth in player installations, ensuring long-term success for the Rummy app.


The success of this campaign is a testament to the effectiveness of a data-driven and tailored approach in acquiring quality players for a Rummy app in the competitive Indian gaming market. By exceeding the client’s goal of achieving app installations at Rs 9 per install, we demonstrated that strategic planning, audience segmentation, and creative optimization can lead to exceptional results.

As the gaming industry in India continues to thrive, it is imperative for app providers to adopt a targeted and data-driven approach to player acquisition. Our partnership with the client showcases how a combination of precise targeting, engaging creatives, and continuous optimization can drive success, not only in terms of installations but also in the acquisition of high-quality players who contribute to the app’s long-term growth and profitability.

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